Pre-order by 5.00 P.M. @ 9840310312 for the next day
Pre-order by 5.00 P.M. @ 9840310312 for the next day

Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I buy from Caboutu?

  We are on the march to go hand in hand with every individual who is in pursuit of good health. All our products are made with the highest quality, mostly organic produce, contain no preservatives, no added sugar, no artificial colors or flavors. Our focus is upon health and so the entire business model which is of subscription encourages people to include healthy stuff in their diet on a daily basis which will reap overall, lasting, sustainable health benefits over a period of time.


Why do your juices have a 24 hour shelf life?
The truth is REAL FOOD must spoil. Our cold pressed form of juicing is done by extracting juice through a hydraulic press ensuring that the drink stays fresh and in its natural form for 24 to 48 hours, without any form of pasteurization such as high pressure pasteurization (HPP), which increases the shelf life of products artificially from anywhere between 20 days to 6 months or even more, and decreases nutrient value in the products. Our juices have a natural shelf life as they are made fresh, and can stay up to 24 hours only when refrigerated.
What is cold pressed juice and how is it different from other juices?
Cold pressed juices are extracted by applying a tremendous amount of pressure and no heat. The hydraulic press ensures that the juices maintain all of their essential vitamins, enzymes, proteins and minerals without them being exposed to oxidization, the same as you would find in raw vegetables and fruit.
Cold pressed juices have no fiber. Is it good for health?
Yes, cold pressed juices are good for health as they increase your daily nutrient consumption, immunity and metabolism and well as completely detoxify your system and help in weight management.
Do you use any preservatives or refined sugar in your drinks?
No, all of our drinks are free of added sugars and preservatives.
How should I store your products?
It is a must to store them refrigerated until consumed.
Are all your juices tested and certified?
Yes, all our products are tested and certified in an NABL certified laboratory, for nutritional information.
The color and taste of your products are not consistent. Why so?
We believe in using the best seasonal and naturally grown products in our drinks, which are completely free of pesticides and harmful chemicals. This results in products that are varied in taste and color, however the quality remains the same.
Where do you source your fruits and vegetables from?
We love our hard working farmers who strive to give us the best natural and local produce. We source from farms that grow the freshest and most natural produce that make the best fit for our drinks.


How important is nutrition and exercise?
Nutrition and exercise go hand in hand as nutrition is essential for weight management, building immunity and overall well being, whereas exercise contributes to increased blood circulation and well toned and fit body.
Should I worry more about calories or nutrition?
Both concepts should be kept in mind while following a balanced diet as overconsumption of calories in a single day can lead to a misbalanced intake of nutrition.
I have been on a detox program for the last 1 week and have not lost any weight. Why so?
Before getting on the program, we recommend that you check with your concerned nutritionist, dietician, or doctor, in case you are on treatment, have a past medical record, or on medication, as these can hinder results. A mismatched lifestyle with irregular sleep patterns and high stress levels can also hinder the program from showing you any results. During our programs it is essential to get enough sleep everyday and refrain from toxin producing habits such as alcohol consumption or cigarette smoking.
I am diabetic. Do you have anything for me?
Our range of healthy green juices are completely diabetic friendly.
I am diabetic. Do you have anything for me?
Our range of healthy green juices are completely diabetic friendly.
I am Vegan. Do you have anything for me?
Yes, our cold pressed juices and almond nut milk are fully vegan. We also have a range of almond milk based smoothies that make great breakfast options for vegans.
I am nursing/pregnant. Do you have anything for me?
Our smoothies are safe to consume in addition to your regular diet when nursing or pregnant.
How long can I continue to have green juices for?
You can continue to have green juices for as long as you wish. We believe our green juices work better to benefit the body as a lifestyle change over a period of time rather than as a short term change.
From what age can children consume Caboutu's products, and what products can they have?
All of our products including the salads are enjoyed by children of all ages. It is a good idea to incorporate healthy habits in children from a very young age. After all these are fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, diary and legumes all of which are a must for building a healthy body and a healthy mind.
Can I use smoothies as a meal replacement?
Yes, our smoothies are perfectly healthy and wholesome meal replacements. They are packed with fruits, nuts, and a variety of mixed seeds, making them super healthy and filling.
Will having a smoothie with banana make me gain weight?
As one of the most underrated of fruits, banana has truck loads of benefits including a fiber called pectin and resistant starch which makes you feel fuller for longer, which in turn aids in weight loss. Apart from acting as a wonderful binder for our smoothies, they are also rich in potent anti oxidants. The glycemic index of bananas also rank from low to medium. Plus it is local and is available in plenty.
Can you customise my drink/salad?
No, individual drinks and salads cannot be customised.
Why do some of your salads seem to have so much cheese?
The salads are balanced with nutritive value and serve the required amount of protein and fat the body would require per day. Cheese being an ideal form of protein and fat, is measured and served accordingly.
Will I gain weight if I consume cheese?
No, as mentioned, a certain amount of protein and fat is essential for the body and the cheese is served to meet that nutritional requirement. Cheese contains healthy fat therefore being good to consume, however, overconsumption of cheese can lead to a build up of calories which leads to weight gain. Our salads have a measured portion size for cheese that contribute to a balanced diet.
What is the difference between black rice and other kinds of rice?
Black rice is rich in antioxidants and is a better source of fiber in addition to being a healthy source of carbs.


How does a subscription work?
Subscription can be done via the website or by simply texting us on WhatsApp (only) on 9840310312.
Can I pick and choose my products?
Yes, our website is designed to enable the user to pick and choose their own products.
Can I stop a pre-packaged program?
Our pre-packaged programs (like All Day Detox, etc) cannot be paused. This is to ensure that when you start a program, there are no breaks in between your diet as that may affect the results of the program.
Is subscribing the only way to get your products?
Subscription will allow you to enjoy our complete range of products. Since we are only available through subscription, even a one-time order would require you to sign up with us first. This can be done either from the website or by WhatsApp on 9840310312.
What are your delivery slots?
We have a morning delivery slot from 6AM to 8AM, an afternoon delivery slot from 12PM to 2:30PM, and an evening delivery slot from 6PM to 8PM, available Monday through Saturday.


What if I'm travelling during the course of my subscription?
You can log in to your subscriber account on the website and pause your subscription until you are back. Alternatively, you can also WhatsApp us on 9840310312 requesting us to pause your subscription and do the same to resume when you are back.
How do I stop or change my delivery schedule?
You can log in to your subscriber account and stop or change your delivery details. You may also WhatsApp us on 9840310312 for the same.
Where do you deliver?
We deliver in Chennai only.


What is your refund policy?
We have a strict NO REFUND policy. You are welcome to choose any other product other than your original choice or transfer the amount to another customer whom you may know that is registered with Caboutu.
When do I need to make the payment?
The payment will have to be made at the time of subscription on the website. If you are placing your orders through WhatsApp, on receiving your order, we will send you a payment link with which you can make the payment. Once the payment is complete, your order is processed and generated for delivery the next day or on the start date of your subscription as provided by you.
Can I pay using the cash on delivery method?
No, we do not have an option for cash on delivery. All payments are requested to be made online.