Pre-order by 5.00 P.M. @ 9840310312 for the next day
Pre-order by 5.00 P.M. @ 9840310312 for the next day

All Day Liquid Cleanse Program


This program is a first step towards a healthier lifestyle - a refreshing liquid cleanse. The cleanse includes cold pressed juices with a wide variety of fresh produce which are high in micro nutrients and mineral content. Together they contribute to a healthy detoxification process for your body and cleanse you naturally. Gift yourself an immunity boost and refresh your body and mind. At the end of it all, your digestive system will thank you too.

This program is designed to detoxify you completely from inside out. After this program, you will feel refreshed and rejuvenated, as well as become toxin free by consuming juices through the day that are filled with miraculous vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. The cleanse prevents your body from wear and tear after a heavy binging activity, cures hangovers, and flushes toxins consumed from junk.

How it works
On the juice cleanse you will consume 1 fruit juice, 1 whey protein smoothie, 1 veggie juice, 1 green probiotic, 1 green juice, 1 vegan smoothie, and 1 soup.

Priced at Rs.1,075 per day