Pre-order by 5.00 P.M. @ 9840310312 for the next day
Pre-order by 5.00 P.M. @ 9840310312 for the next day

All Day Detox and Weight Loss Program


The all day detox and weight loss program is a specially designed food and juice program where we've curated a set of drinks and meals from our own range of products to ensure that you eat and drink healthy all day. Built to provide you with 1300 calories per day, this program assures to give you complete nourishment with around 60 to 70 grams of protein (or more depending on the products you pick), a rich dose of micronutrients such as vitamin and minerals, vital fibres, and necessary healthy fats, all with a plant based diet! Here's your perfect way to build immunity and go disease free over a period of time.

This is what your detox program will look like over a day, with the following routine to keep you going, the idea being to consume everything by the end of the day:
  • 8am: Almond milk smoothie (vegan)
  • 11am: Veggie juice
  • 1pm: Salad and green juice
  • 4pm: Whole milk smoothie
  • 7pm: Soup

  • Points to remember:
    1. Drink enough water in between the different juices, salad, etc.
    2. It would be ideal to sleep for a minimum of 6 to 8 hours a day.
    3. It is important to follow the timings given for your meal plan to see optimum results.
    4. As our drinks are made fresh and do not contain any preservatives, do keep them refrigerated at all times until consumption.
    5. During a detox program, we also advise to stay away from any toxin producing habits such as drinking alcohol, smoking, or even consuming junk or processed food.

    Priced at Rs.750 per day

    Terms & conditions:
    A) The cost of the program will not be discounted even if there are customizations to the program. Additions to the program will be charged at actuals.
    B) The credits used for this program cannot be clubbed with other programs or transferred to another account, should you choose to discontinue the program mid way.
    C) A consultation with us is necessary before starting the program, even if it is subscribed to for a day.