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Pre-order by 5.00 P.M. @ 9840310312 for the next day

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About Us

We’re firm believers in the goodness of nutrition and that everyone deserves a chance at good health and well-being. Our products are made using high quality produce, free of pesticides and other harmful chemicals and are made accessible to everyone in the city on a daily basis. We love our hard working farmers just as much as we love the seasonal produce in the city, which encourages us to create the best natural products using fresh produce, high in nutritive value. All our products are free of pasteurization or homogenization, preservatives or added sugars.

The ultimate goal of this endeavor is to derive maximum nutrition from the fruits and vegetables that we work with. We therefore use cold pressed technology for our juices, where there is high pressure applied in order to extract juices with maximum nutritive value. In order to enjoy health benefits from the fiber in fruits and vegetables, we blend whole fruits and vegetables in our smoothies, soups, and probiotic drinks as well as retain them as whole vegetables in our salads.
Finally, the freedom to make healthy choices!


All Day Detox &Weight Loss Program

The All Day Detox & Weight Loss Program is a specially designed food and juice program where we've curated a set of drinks and meals from our own range of products to ensure that you eat and drink healthy all day. Built to provide you with 1500 calories per day no matter how you mix and match the drinks and meals, this program assures to give you complete nourishment with vital fibres, necessary healthy fats, and a refreshing dose of health-boosting super foods!
The program is designed to provide you with refreshing cold pressed juices, smoothies, a healthy salad and soup, to keep you going through the day. You can choose your pick of 1 almond milk smoothie, 1 veggie juice, 1 salad, 1 green juice or green probiotic, 1 whole milk smoothie, and 1 soup.
Priced at Rs.920 per day.

Green & Vegetable Cold Pressed Juices



Salads & Soups

Almond nut milk